Hello, and welcome to Laws of Composition. My name is Ryan Brooker, and if you wish to know more about me, please visit the about page. The following project has been a long time in the making. For the last 14 years, I have studied geometry and its role in composition from a multitude of academic perspectives, including an emphasis on gestalt psychology, vision science, and an in-depth study of painters throughout history that have openly employed geometry in their work as a means of approaching composition. Though I consider my studies on this topic a perpetual work in progress, I created this site to compile the very best information from the sources that I have studied throughout the years, and convey my own ideas and views on the content. My approach to this topic will be scientific in nature. As a result, I will update my thoughts and writings as new empirical evidence presents itself.


I felt the need to do create this website for one simple reason: I still cannot name one text written on composition that adequately addresses the enormity of the subject in a manner that is useful to painters. This is my attempt to correct that deficiency, and at the very least, consolidate useful information into an indispensable resource that others can turn to in their own investigations. It is my sincere hope that the content presented on lawsofcomposition.com makes a lasting contribution to everyone's study of pictorial composition.


Again, welcome to Laws of Composition. May the content here prove interesting, and more importantly, useful in your work.



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