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Laws of Composition is an educational website created and written by representational painter and independent scholar, Ryan Brooker. For the past 14 years, Ryan has studied the history and application of geometry to composition and design, with an emphasis on its relationship to human perception. His interest in composition began at 17, when Ryan first read The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry by Jay Hambidge, whose system of composition Ryan later studied for two years at The Barnstone Studios. His studies of this subject continued through his undergraduate at the University of Tennessee, where Ryan made it the topic of his senior thesis.


In 2011, Ryan lectured on the Golden Ratio at the former Grand Central Academy of Art (GCA) in NYC, and most recently at The Representational Art Conference (TRAC 2014) in Ventura, California. He presented his paper Beyond the Golden Ratio: Composition as Human Perception. His paper from TRAC 2014 is now available in the publication of the conference proceedings titled Kitsch and Beauty.


Through the content presented on lawsofcomposition.com, Ryan hopes to create a resource for painters regarding information related to composition, and bring our understanding and approach to this topic into the 21st century. Ryan is available for lectures and workshops. Inquiries on scheduling can be made through the contact page.


Ryan lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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